International Workshop on Open Infrastructure as Code

In conjunction with CloudCom 2022
December 16th 2022
Bangkok, Thailand

Decentralized Edge-to-Cloud Apps managed by Blockchain

Cloud computing has become the most exciting computing paradigm in information technology today. By efficiently sharing rich computing resources in the cloud, users can economically enjoy on-demand, high-quality cloud applications and services without investing large amounts of money locally. Emerging cloud computing technologies, such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Elastic Computing, provide a way to reimagine how we create, deploy, secure, and operate information systems in the future. Blockchain, a decentralized ledger, establishes a system of trust where data is encrypted and cannot be tampered with or forged. The integration and development of two technologies, cloud computing, and blockchain, further accelerates the expansion of blockchain technology in multiple fields of application and brings changes to the cloud computing market.

Blockchain technology can be beneficially integrated with cloud systems to ensure secure access control to data, support resource allocation, and enable secure and fair payment services. Trustworthiness, reliability, and controllability are considered to be the main challenges for cloud computing development, and blockchain technology, with decentralization, anonymity, and data immutability as its main features, is in line with the long-term development goals of cloud computing.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers, developers and practitioners in security, privacy, cloud computing, and blockchain to address the management challenges in cloud computing and blockchain. We encourage submissions on all theoretical and practical aspects and experimental research on deployed systems.